Should I Drink Bottled Carbonated Water?

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December 5, 2019

The answer is maybe. There are a lot of names for carbonated water, Is there a difference between seltzer and soda? While some brands stick to the well-known, ‘carbonated water,’ most manufacturers use something a little more interesting, like soda, seltzer or sparkling water.

Carbonated water has been around for a long time, recently there is an outbreak in brightly colored bottles of bubbly water in stores all over. There is multitude of options available from manufacturers. But, with this rise in popularity comes questions about this reinvented drink. Is the bottled carbonated water as healthy as some manufacturers try to make you think it is? Ellemate may have your answer.

When you use the Ellemate Carbonation System, you can control what goes into your soda. 

Essentially, they’re all the same thing, just carbon dioxide and water. You can make this at home with the Ellemate Carbonation System for pennies compared to buying bottled water and without the environmental waste.

Water doesn’t have a taste, and neither does carbon dioxide, so that leaves ordinary water drinkers wondering what the big deal is. It is the bubbles that fizz in the mouth, but there’s even more to it than that. The combination of carbon dioxide and water creates carbonic acid, which gives fizzy water a bit of a kick.

So Ellemate users want to know, will carbonic acid dissolve the enamel of your teeth and eat away at your bones as some say? It is technically true for teeth, though much less people think. Sparkling water has a slightly low pH (3-4), which makes it slightly acidic, but no more so than most fruit juices and minus the sugar. With the sugar, is a different story.

Regarding the bone-deteriorating issue, there’s no evidence that carbonation will negatively affect bones. This rumor also comes from the effects of drinking sugary sodas. While studies have found a link between sugary soda and low bone mineral density, more research is needed.

While carbonated sparkling water seems to be flawless, some manufacturers just can’t let a good thing be. The main ingredient to look out for is sugar. If you add sugar to your sparkling water and you might as well grab a coke. Some artificial sweeteners are bad, so be wary there, too.

Also, be aware, adding citrus flavoring may increase the acidity of your drink, making it that much harder on your teeth. So, if you struggle with cavities, perhaps look for something without lemon or lime flavoring. When you use the Ellemate Carbonation System, you can control what goes in to your soda.

The greatest benefit of Ellemate Fizzle water is that it is water, and water is essential for good health. So, if sparkling water makes you drink more H20, fizzle away. There are other potential health benefits to sparkling water. Sparkling water may:

  • Be good for digestion
  • Decrease appetite (fills the stomach)
  • Relieve constipation
  • Be good for heart health

Sparkling water has a lot going for it and the Ellemate Carbonation System makes it easy for you to do at home. But for those who aren’t in love with just the bubbles, it also makes a great base for considerably more complex beverages and libations.

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